1. All About RT Program
  2. 1. What is RT program?

    Rising Talent Program a.k.a. RT program is an online marketplace for video services, with the benchmark of convenient service and affordable price for our customers.

    2. What is RT program all about?

    The idea behind this program is to streamline the process of hiring or being hired as a Cheanel Producer whereby you’ll be one of Cheanel content creator. The program will cut out the middleman and other processes. However, small businesses can have their videos created according to their requirement and have the freedom to sell their products to anyone at any time.

    3. What does RT program do?

    RT program is an online marketplace for the content creator to sell their video services, while businesses are able to get the convenient video service at an affordable price.

    4. What is Level Producer?

    Level Producer is based on Level 1 to Level 3.

    Level 3 Cheanel Producer is the recommended content creator based on their skills and review rate for each job.

    Cheanel will review each Cheanel Producer and place them in each category for better reach.

    • Level 1 Producer - Complete at least 10 orders on time with RM300 per service with a minimum rating of 4 to advance to Level 2 Producer.
    • Level 2 Producer - Complete at least 50 orders on time with a maximum RM1,200 per service and a minimum rating of 4 to advance to Level 3 Producer.
    • Level 3 Producer - Complete at least 90 orders on time with a maximum RM2,000 per service and a minimum rating of 4 to become a Top-Rated Seller.

    5. What is Top Rated Seller?

    Top Rated Sellers are preferred sellers in the Cheanel whereby they can enjoy greater benefits and have an increased chance of being invited for certain campaigns in the Cheanel platform.

    However, all Top Rated Sellers are also expected to maintain their standards of service. Below are the requirements to maintain the title:

    • Must maintain a minimum rating of 4 and completes at least 90 orders on time
    • Maintain a good quality of video service and customer etiquette at all times
    • Cheanel will rigorously review your video orders and vetted them to maintain the title

    6. What is Cheanel Pro?

    Cheanel Pro is for professional producers with video production backgrounds. Pro Service in this category will enjoy the benefit to offer their service to Video Buyers according to their skills and quality with their own pricing without going through the levels.

    Pro Producer is offered by unrivalled talent from Cheanel for quality and service. Pro Producers will go through a stringent vetting process to acquire this title:

    • Professional background checks on education, portfolio of previous work, examples of notable projects created for clients outside of Cheanel, etc.
    • Cheanel will evaluate the application form and let you know if you are a good fit to open a Pro Service in the Cheanel platform.

    7. What is Cheanel Studio?

    Cheanel Studio is a marketplace to find talents for your content creation. It is a place where it gives clients the ability to find all the talent, they need for their project with one simple search. It is a place for Professional TV Commercial Production.

    It's the same search filters, rating system, and upfront pricing as Cheanel, but for a full team with multiple skill sets. In the search filters, there will be talents such as videographer, writer, photographer, model, designer, and developer for complete commercial production.

    Each studio is assigned a Studio Lead who handles everything from feedback to schedules to communication between buyers and the studio.

    8. How to register for RT program?

    You will need the following information to register:

    • Your details: Name and address
    • Your contact details: Email and phone number
    • Your basic information: Skills sets, education and etc
    • Your bank account details (this is to release payment once you have completed a job)

    9. How do I get started with the RT program?

    As a video producer, you must register for the program. You will need to enter your skills and details as per the registration process. Cheanel will review and evaluate your application to approve you as one of our Cheanel Producer.

    For video buyers, there is a list of video services that you can select and request as per your requirement. Select the service you like and follow the process accordingly.

    The producer will contact you and respond to your request immediately if you have any questions.

    10. How long does it take to produce a video in the RT program?

    It takes 1-4 weeks to produce a standard product video from concept to delivery.

    However, the actual production time for a high-quality video depends on the type of production, requirements and content provided.

    11. How many video revisions can I make?

    Cheanel's approval process is very well structured. After the video is produced, the buyer receives a rough cut, and they can request changes according to their comments.

    You will receive a minimum of 1 to 9 revisions, depending on the cost and number of revisions the producer provides, you can send feedback and make changes to your video until you receive a final video.

    12. How much does it cost to make a video?

    For a newly registered user, the production video cost is set at RM 300.00. This price applies only to videos produced by Level 1 Producer.

    However, if you want a wider selection and higher quality of videos from other Level Producers, the price may vary depending on a number of factors that determine the production cost. These factors may include the scope of the project, the script, the concept, the locations, the shooting days required, the editing time, the final length, the music, the lyrics, the sound mix, etc.

    It is best to contact the producer and let them know the details of the production you want so they can review it accordingly.

    13. Are there any hidden costs?

    The video production quote will be what you pay for. Cheanel ensures that potential clients or buyers will not find any surprises or unexpected costs on the final bill.

    The only exceptions are situations where the scope of the project changes during production, and if there are additional costs as a result. The producer provides advance notice of these and has them approved in writing before they appear on the final invoice.

    14. How do I get the best price for my video?

    You can research and go through the list of producers in our program accordingly. You can start creating a budget by clearly communicating what the budget is and what your requirements are for the video.

    You can negotiate with the producers accordingly to get the best budget and the video you want.

    15. How do I find the best producer for my video?

    You can research and go through the list of producers in our program accordingly. You can watch the videos they have produced in the service and read the reviews of the video.

    Not only that, you can chat with the producers individually and know what services they offer for your requirements.

    16. What kind of video file will you provide?

    The producer provides the video format MPV, in the future MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV and WAV will also be available.

    17. What is the initial deposit for the video?

    For the producer to begin the video process, the buyer must pay the full amount of the order. However, the producer will not receive payment until the video is submitted and the order is completed.

    18. How do I request a refund or cancellation of the video?

    Cancellation of the video is defined as rescheduling of the production to a later specified date or a total cancellation of the production of the video. Both parties, the Producer or the Buyer need to write a written notice prior to 3 working days and shall proceed only after receiving approval by Cheanel.

    If the Buyer cancels or postpones the video before the production begins, then they may be eligible for a full refund subject to Cheanel approval and terms and conditions according to the agreement.

    If the Buyer cancels or postpones the video after the production begins, then they may be subject to 50% refundable fees due to loss of work. This will still be subject to Cheanel approval and terms and conditions according to the agreement.

    If the Buyer cancels or postpones the video after editing has begun, then they will be subject to NO refundable fees to pay for all work carried out until that point. The Buyer is subject to pay for loss of work for any dates or time Producer have set aside. This will still be subject to Cheanel approval and terms and conditions according to the agreement.

    19. I’m having trouble during the video production process. Can I get some help?

    You can contact us via email:

    20. I’m having trouble uploading a video. Can I get some help?

    You can contact us via email:

    Last updated: 3 Sep 2021

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  3. Cheanel Producer: How To Register As Producer
  4. STEP 1: Visit Cheanel and register your account.

    STEP 2: Verify your email address.

    *Skip this step if you login with Facebook.

    STEP 3: Once verified, you can sign up RT Program by clicking at the banner.

    *See next page for details Link to registration page.

    STEP 3: Once verified, you can sign up RT Program.

    Program > Rising Talent > About > Scroll Down

    STEP 4: “Level Producer” can choose whether to upload work samples. Make sure all information is filled in correctly.